Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Narcissus ♥

Good morning! I hope you are having an amazing week!

Confession: I used to scent my house with fragrance and candles. However, after becoming familiar with the not-so-amazing effects of synthetic fragrances, things have changed.

Pure essential oils now replace the synthetic fragrances. :)

However, at the moment... my room is beautifully scented with these elegant Narcissus!

They were planted as bulbs... and less than a month later, beautiful indoor flowers blossomed!

 Buds about to blossom...

Do you use natural scents in your home? And, what are your favorite flowers to grow indoors?

I hope you have a beautiful & amazing day! :)


  1. so pretty! i use incense and a locally made soy candle. never thought to use essential oils or flowers (duh!). thanks for sharing and knocking some common sense into me.=)

  2. This year was my first effort at growing narcissus indoors and they were delightful!! Absolutely loved their beauty during the darkest days of winter. Your shots are beautiful.