Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Central Coast Charm!

Good morning! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Today I wanted to share some inspiration from the central coast! Jon and I enjoyed the weekend in Cambria. The weather was beautiful... it felt like spring!

It was wonderful to be back in the area where we went to college... and met! ♥

I am getting so excited for spring! ♥

Have you ever been to the beautiful central coast? What inspires you to garden?


  1. beautiful! gardening bloggers, photos of nature, seed catalogs, and my love for plants and produce inspire me to garden.

    spring is coming... every day we get closer!=)

  2. I just happened to see your comment on Garden Rant, one of my favorites.
    And Cambria where we have our vacation home, is one of my favorites too! I just posted photos on my blog of what is blooming in our coastal backyard.

  3. Dorothy~ What a small world! I would absolutely love to have a vacation home in Cambria one day. :

  4. Oh....I would love to be there in the sunshine! I am ready for spring, too. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and your comment!