Friday, May 20, 2011

Harvesting Garlic!

Happy Friday fellow garden lovers! ♥

I have really been missing blogging about gardening lately!

This month, I officially started my health coaching practice! It has been the subject of all of my time, energy, & attention. 

Anyways... I was able to take a break today, so I spent some time in the backyard. ♥ 

I had plenty of seedlings needing to be upgraded to bigger pots, and all of my plants just needing attention in general...

But, there is one plant in particular that received the most attention!


Rumor has it, once you've have fresh, homegrown garlic... you never want to go back to the store variety!

You might recall... last October, I planted a bag of garlic gloves! (At the time, I could not even picture what garlic would look like growing!)

But it's pretty simple... just stems (about 2 1/2 ' tall) growing out of the bulb! :)

Apparently, the ideal time to harvest garlic is mid-summer. According to, the stems growing out of the bulb should be turning brown.

However, I was impatient (I wanted the gigantic pot they were growing in for the 'Big Max' pumpkin!)

So out they came! This fall, I will make sure I plant the cloves (saved from 1 or 2 of the bulbs from this year) in a pot I will not be needing for another plant until July! :)

Have you ever planted garlic? Or enjoyed a friend's home-grown garlic?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fresh Strawberries!

There is nothing like stepping out into the backyard and picking your own berries for breakfast! ♥