Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Go Plant Garlic!

It is the time of year to plant garlic bulbs!

I just picked some up from Home Depot today! And I have something to admit... (and I may not be the only one!)

Until this year, I had no idea (or ever really thought about) how garlic grows! I even image-googled "garlic plant" because I didn't even know what it would look like!

(I guess I am a perfect example of how disconnected one can be from their food when you depend on the grocery store for everything. Earlier this year, while watching an episode of Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution," I was shocked to see school-aged kids not knowing the names of simple fruits & vegetables... and of course did not know where they came from.)

When planting, apparently you break apart the bulb and plant the individual cloves 5' apart. They should be ready to harvest by mid-spring!


  1. i planted 12 cloves a week ago. so excited to grow garlic for the first time! i just planted the bulbs i got from the grocery store, after breaking them up.

  2. That is awesome!! "Grocery gardening"... I love it!!! Are you growing anything else at the moment?