Monday, October 4, 2010

Backyard Appreciation!

Today was officially a "Backyard Appreciation" day! The past few weeks have been hot. Very hot. And spending time in the backyard with the blazing sun was not exactly my idea of a fun time. (The lack of attention definitely showed.)

But today it finally seems to be cooling off... it is October, right?
Anyways... after a walk around the neighborhood this morning, admiring the fall leaves and enjoying the cooler weather, I set off to work in the garden! Just in the past few weeks, the sunny areas and the shadows have changed drastically. So I rearranged accordingly... in addition to the usual trimming, transplanting, composting, harvesting!, cleaning, and organizing.

The end result? So much better! A little TLC goes a long ways. Now, I can get on with decorating for Halloween!!

Happy October!

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