Thursday, February 17, 2011

The (Ever-Blooming) Amaryllis!

True Story:
Last year we had an Amaryllis... you know, the kind that are marketed as Christmas gifts?

Anyways, it seemed to take forever to bloom, and once it did, it was finished almost as soon as it started!

This year, however, the "Christmas" Amaryllis bloomed in about a month! And, guess what? It's already had 6 blossoms, and is about to have 2 more!

I am amazed!

I am curious to hear your experiences with Amaryllis plants... is it normal to just have one bloom? Or multiple?

Also, is anyone familiar with saving bulbs? :)


  1. The bulb I bought at Target this year got two big blooms on it, but died pretty quickly as well. We pollinated it so it's got a giant seed pod on it now, but I'll be interested to see if anyone gives you advice on saving the bulb. I'd like to save mine too.