Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snapdragons and Strawberries!

Happy Saturday garden lovers!

Are you enjoying your weekend? 

This morning I walked for MS and then enjoyed a relaxing, delicious lunch with friends... salad with juicy tomatoes, honey-dipped baked sweet potato fries, homemade agave-sweetened lemonade, and fresh basil pesto! The afternoon was spent weeding and taking care of the garden. ♥

What's blooming? Snapdragons and strawberries!

Last year's strawberry pot is taking off! I followed the advice of "The Girl's Guide to Growing Your Own: How to Grow Fruit and Vegetables Without Getting Your Hands Too Dirty" by fertilizing my strawberry plants with seaweed! 

The author recommended a liquid seaweed feed, (what?! sounds scary...) but I decided to try kelp, from the local vitamin store in the form of capsules, which I opened and sprinkled on the strawberries! Between the 2 small plants, there are 25 strawberries!! (Last year I got maybe 7 berries total?) I will definitely be using kelp powder again this year!

What's blooming in your garden? Have you ever used seaweed as fertilizer?


  1. lovely! at what stage in the plant's life do you fertilize with seaweed? i have blossoms and small yellow berries on most plants.

  2. Kelli~ The book recommends fertilizing with seaweed every 2 weeks as soon as little fruits begin to form. :)