Friday, March 4, 2011

Late Night Racoon Invasions!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We've been having backyard visitors! 

Between 9:30 and 10 pm, we often have 2 raccoons prowling around the backyard. They dig up the pansies, break pots, tinker with the water fountain, terrorize my cat, and dip their little paws in the pool!

And they are very bold... they do not seem to be intimidated by humans, or pets!

Jedi says "Whaaaaaat is this?!"

We did some research and found out that they will actually eat cats if given the chance!!! Needless to say, Jedi is staying indoors! Last summer, when the dog door was in use, he would sneak out of the house for late night escapades.  (such a little stinker!!) But not anymore...

One would think that we live in the country... or a forest. But we live in a track home, in the middle of the desert! So, the question is... where did they come from?!? 

Does anyone know if raccoons eat fruits and vegetables?


  1. oh my! looks like he wants to come in! i read that they sell organic raccoon repellent granules. i didn't know raccoons lived in the desert!

  2. Hi Ashley, I have heard of them getting into compost piles but maybe that's more to eat bugs or worms. Sorry I don't know if they are carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores! We have an opposum that pays us a visit if we leave the cat food unattended.

  3. They eat almost anything. Cat food, dog food, fruits, vegetables, chickens... You're lucky they didn't come IN your dog door! I had to deal with that once, as did my neighbor.

    Oh if you want to discourage them, I found a mix of spices online at some point that helped my neighbor. I know it included lots of cayenne but can't remember what else.

  4. Raccoons are cute, but if they're that unfazed by you and your cat I think I'd be worried. It's good that they only come out at night though, raccoons in the daytime is usually a sign they have rabies or some other terrible disease.
    I agree with Ellen, they eat absolutely anything. I'd try to get rid of them sooner rather than later. They'll just cause more issues the longer they stick around and feel "at home".
    Oh... and you know you're a blogger when you get out the camera instead of plotting their demise.

  5. Potted Farm~ We definitely need to get a handle on this situation sooner, rather than later. Apparently they have babies in March!

    Ellen~ I would have never thought to use spices to keep raccoons away! Thank you for the advice! :)

    Dorothy~ We actually had an opossum a few years ago! And I will definitely have to keep an eye on the compost pile! I don't want them making a mess in there.

    Kelli~ Organic Raccoon Repellent Granules? What a great idea! Do you know if they work? :)