Monday, March 14, 2011

Daffodils and Baby Cucumbers!

Happy Monday fellow garden lovers!! ♥

Spring is almost here... and I can't wait until I can go crazy in the garden! Right now there are beautiful daffodils blooming in random pots (planted back in November)! I love their cheery little faces!

Baby Cucumbers!

In my "office", are baby cucumbers! Along with tomatoes, morning glories, eggplants, orange peppers, peas, and calendulas! They are crowding each other out under the grow light... so I can't wait until I can take them outside!

I think April 14th is generally the last frost date in the Antelope Valley. Just 4 weeks to go! :)

Have you started your Spring garden yet?

And, do you ever start planting before the "official" last frost date? The weather is beautiful... I am so tempted! ;)


  1. pretty! starting mine next week!

  2. I love daffodils. It's hard not to smile when you see them.
    Your cucumbers look so healthy!
    I've been very tempted to start planting. The fact that I'm container gardening gives me some flexibility. I have some cold weather crops (kale, peas) in their big containers and I try to put them out on the deck on nice days and then they come back in the sun room overnight and on not so nice days.

  3. Hi Ashley, Today March 15th is the official last day of frost where I live but I do plant before that day. I plan to plant my vegetable garden next week.
    Last year I only planted from nursery six packs but this year I will direct sow some of the seeds. Your plants are looking very healthy.