Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Day the Leaves Fell!

I must say... I have thoroughly been enjoying my daily walks around the neighborhood. :) Especially because I  ♥  Fall!

Since the moment Fall arrived, I've been walking almost every morning. It's amazing what just 20 minutes walking outside in nature will do for your well-being!

Thanksgiving was the day the trees in the neighborhood finally lost their leaves! The night before, the temperature dropped to around 19 degrees F. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

The sidewalks were completely covered...

My mom and I had a blast crunching through them! It was a perfect Thanksgiving morning. :)


  1. These are absolutely amazing images!! Did you take them? Are you a photographer or what>!

  2. Yes, I took these photos. :) Thank you for the compliment!!