Thursday, September 23, 2010

Garden Update~ Pumpkin, Zucchini, & Tomatoes!

The heirloom pumpkin plant (from seed!) is growing like crazy, growing along the length of the brick planter! However, even though it has beautiful yellow blossoms... there are no pumpkins! And I am trying to figure out why! I've seen bees pollinating the flowers, the soil is decent. (I think?) It was the organic one from Lowe's. (Next year I will have compost!!) What else could it be? (Sigh)... I had to improvise:

This monster of a thing is the biggest zucchini I've ever seen! I was house-sitting for a few days, so I wasn't able to pay much attention to the garden. When I came home, there it was!! Growing stealthily under the gigantic leaves. Zucchinis seem to grow so quickly, they seem to appear out of nowhere!! I bet you could even there for a few hours and actually watch it grow! Perhaps now would be an ideal time to learn to make chocolate zucchini bread? :) Yum!!

As for the tomatoes: I have a feeling that tomato season is coming to an end... so I definitely appreciated them in a delicious salad yesterday!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Your cat is so cute.

    And yes, to reply to your question on my blog--I think it is totally normal to not have a clue about our future. As the saying goes, we plan-God laughs.

    (Both blogs are so cute! Loved the Nightmare Before Chrismas cupcakes, love Tim Burton.)