Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden Tomatoes Galore!

Greetings garden lovers! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Hopefully you have lots of delicious garden gems to enjoy! ♥

Back in April, we picked up a few tomato seedlings at a Tomatomania sale at Descanso Gardens:
  • Sungold
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Mario's Roma
They were supposed to be the best varieties to handle extreme desert heat... and they are growing like I have never seen tomato plants grow before! Last year, my best tomato plant had maybe 6 tomatoes total... for the entire growing season!

But these varieties are amazing! There have been so many tomatoes... I have not been able to keep count!

'Sungold' variety

They are so delicious... wayyyyyy better than grocery store tomatoes any day!

'Cherokee Purple'

'Mario's Roma'

Does anyone know of any other tomato varieties that thrive in extreme heat?

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